Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean. To many, particularly those outside of the UK and parts of Europe, it's a hidden gem. For UK cyclists, Mallorca is pretty much the go-to destination.
In fact, Mallorca is fast becoming the holiday destination of choice for tourists and cyclists around the world.

In 2018 we provided a custom cycling tour for a group, who all fell in love with its untouched beauty, immaculate roads, awe inspiring scenery, incredible array of diverse cycling routes and mouth watering Mediterranean cuisine.

We returned to Mallorca in 2019 to realise our dream of putting together the holiday of a lifetime, not only for cyclists, but for their non riding partners. We felt the Island was far too beautiful to isolate only to our cycling guests. How great would it be to host an intimate group of people who shared a passion for beauty, inspiring rides, adventure as well as cuisine and wine authentic to the region. We call it Living the Ride, which is the guiding belief that defines Après Vélo.

Our objective was to provide an authentic Spanish experience, whilst being accessible to great rides and all the magic that Mallorca offered, all in the space of 7 days. Whilst you may leave Mallorca with unfinished business, we truly believe that you will feel a sense of contentment, excitement and accomplishment for all you would have achieved, both on and off the bike.

Below are our 8 reasons why a cycling holiday to Mallorca is one to add to the bike- it list.  


1. A dream-like cycling holiday

Mallorca has all the ingredients for a dream-like cycling holiday, allowing you to lose yourself in it sheer beauty.

  • The weather is fantastic and predictable, especially from mid September to mid October (18-27c)
  • Exceptionally smooth and safe road surfaces.
  • Diverse riding options from coast to country, all with incredible landscapes and awe inspiring scenery.
  • Stunning coastline rides with hidden coves and crystal blue waters.
  • Escape into rural Mallorca with quite narrow sweeping country roads. Time to forget about the hectic pace of life and embrace the peace and serenity of the country.
  • Easy accessibility to most rides.
  • Accomodating motorists who have shown themselves to be extremely tolerant dealing with large groups of cyclists.
  • Bike hire options a-plenty.

Our daily rides through Mallorca will ensure you get to experience all of the beautiful landscapes the island has to offer, from the sweeping spectacular coastal roads, the quaint rural wine and olive growing regions, through to the famous Cap Formentor lighthouse.

2. The climb of a lifetime

Close your eyes and try to imagine the perfect cycling climb. What would it look like, and what would it contain?
It would be not too long but not too short; not too steep but not too shallow. It would have a nice steady gradient, but with a couple of ramps to keep you on your toes. Naturally, the scenery should be spectacular. Ideally, it would feature a cafe somewhere, serving good coffee. The weather should be warm and pleasant, the road surface smooth and predictable. Of course, it would have to have hairpins. Lots of hairpins. Maybe even a hairpin that loops round on itself as the road descends and goes under an bridge.
What you've just imagined actually exists!
It's called Sa Calobra, one of the main reasons why cyclists come to Mallorca. With 7% average gradient and 9.4km of climbing, its emblematic 26 hairpin bends, breathtaking views and spine-tingling descent, Sa Colabra has captured the hearts and memories of many cyclists.

3. Mallorca offers riders of different abilities great routes across flat terrain and tough but doable mountain passes

The hill climbs we do are certainly not considered Alpine beasts, with the iconic Sa Calobra being the toughest. The focus of our rides is to capture the stunning beauty the island has to offer from inspiring coastline rides through to rural Mallorca. Spend silent moments cycling through the olive groves and wine region, and you'll soon forget about the hectic pace of life and fall for the quiet charm of Mallorca's hinterland.

4. The shores of the Mediterranean will be your home for the week

We understand the importance of down time, comfort and peace. Your home for the week will be located on the shores of the Mediterranean, where you can escape the stresses of everyday life.
Located on the seafront of Puerto Pollensa, our beautiful Mallorcan-style hotel options provide a very special atmosphere.

5. Food and Wine

We’re obsessed with food and wine because we believe every region is revealed through its cuisine.
Eating and drinking will be amongst the many sensory highlights you will experience in Mallorca.

You will enjoy the diverse taste sensations of Mallorca, which is the foodie epicentre of the Balearic Islands. Mallorca is a top producer of olive oil which is used generously with local food, including fresh seafood, pork and vegetables. We will also experience the wonderful varieties of Tapas which is a quintessential part of Spanish food life. We developed a healthy addiction for Seafood Paella, a speciality dish offered by many restaurants.

Eating out in Mallorca has never been more exciting, with chefs adding a pinch of creativity and spice to the city's food scene.

Mallorca has a long history of wine production with at least 40 indigenous grape varieties. There is also an incredible array of Spanish beer on offer.

6. The sun, sea and beaches make for a perfect Summer cycling holiday

The weather in Mallorca is fantastic and predictable, especially from mid September to mid October (18-27c).

There are 262 stunning beaches on Mallorca, including many secluded white sandy beaches and coves. Whether you snorkel, swim or just chill, you will understand why so many tourists head to Mallorca for its beach life alone. We will have the opportunity of visiting one of the most famous remote beaches in Mallorca – Sa Colabra beach, which has been an inspiration for artists in the past and present. The water is warm, turquoise and a snorkeler’s haven.

You may also want to relax in comfort at the luxury hotel swimming pool and indulge in a Spritzer or cold beer under the Spanish sun.

7. Old world charm villages

There are so many beautiful regions of Mallorca that we have fallen in love with, especially Valldemossa, home to composer Frederic Chopin. Valldemossa is one of the island's most eye-catching sights. A village steeped in old-world charm, Valldemossa lies in an idyllic valley in the midst of the Tramuntana mountains. With a population of around 2,000 people, Valldemossa's quiet and picturesque streets are sprinkled with shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants.

The small coastal village of Deià, on the northwest coast of Mallorca, is one of the prettiest villages on the island that overlooks the sea and the setting sun. Deià has long been a magnet for famous artists, writers and other creative people.

Port Soller is another seaside town that we absolutely loved, reminiscent of the South of France many years ago prior to its commercialisation.

What was glaringly obvious to us was the amazing diversity that Mallorca has to offer. Each town has its unique characteristics with its own special charm.

8. Sightseeing, architecture and shopping

A visit around Palma ,the capital of Mallorca, is an absolute must and is where the Mediterranean mingles with history. You have the opportunity of visiting the awe-inspiring 13th century Santa María Cathedral which overlooks the bay, as well as wander through bent medieval streets lined with aristocratic townhouses, eclectic shops, looming baroque churches, teeming public squares and vibrant bohemian neighbourhoods. You could spend days in Palma and still uncover fresh joys every day, including its beautiful beaches.

Shopping in Mallorca is an absolute must. From designer stores through to local artisan boutiques, it's all there from clothing and shoes, to bags, accessories, ceramics and other beautiful Spanish keepsakes.


Whilst we have listed 8 reasons to visit Mallorca for your dream cycling holiday, there are many more attractions on this island paradise. The list is endless.


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