For Comfort Down Under

For Comfort Down Under


We all want to enjoy comfortable cycling. However, to achieve this takes care and preparation.
Most cyclists at some stage experience difficulties of one sort or another, from irritation to even the need for surgery. Continuous friction causes irritation, which could lead to chafing and for some, saddle sores, blocked glands, infected glands and sebaceous cysts. And so, the issues can continue.
To prevent what is known as saddle sores and related ailments, a good initial move is to wear cycling shorts or cycling knicks made of non-absorbent materials with a good chamois to reduce the pressure on the seat area. Absorbent fabric such as cotton leads to sweating and then chaffing. Petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, though once a popular anti-friction choice for its short-term benefits, tends to block pores, and consequently makes the user more vulnerable to gland infections and associated conditions.
Another good move is personal hygiene. Get out of those cycling knicks as soon as possible after the ride as the heat and sweat are ideal bacteria growing conditions. And of course, wear clean cycling knicks before riding in the first place. Don't even think about re-wearing yesterday's used gear.

For newcomers to cycling or those getting back after a break, best to build up the kilometres slowly to allow your body, and in particular your seat area to accommodate your new regime.

An appropriate saddle and bike fit should result in most of the pressure being taken by the sit bones and buttock muscle.

Then cometh the chamois cream, and chamois cream application, which is something of a taboo subject.



Chamois cream is an anti-bacterial substance that helps eliminate friction between skin and clothing, and therefore the chafing that can occur during a ride. It comes in several forms including balms and creams. We've mentioned to avoid petroleum-based products. We recommend a natural cream product, that assists in reducing abrasions, and assists in preventing bacterial and fungal infections that may lead to saddle sores and more. From our perspective, the original and best bike butt cream is Aussie Butt Cream. Their Australian manufacturing facility is licensed to Australian Certified Organic standards, recognized internationally. Their formula comprises 100% natural constituents including Melaleuca Alternifolia. Oil from the tea tree is steam distilled from leaves which contain terpenoids, found to have antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial activity.

When considering what is the best chamois cream for women, most chamois cream is gender neutral, and appear to do the job as well as it does for the blokes.

Aussie Butt Cream is suitable for both genders and applied in the same way. Ensure the sit bone area is covered on application - as these are the main rub contact points.


Cyclists use chamois cream for prevention of saddle sores or, even worse- an abscess, which can leave you off the bike for months and require medical attention.

The idea is to minimise friction and keep bacterial build-up at bay, therefore prevent any nasties.


Apply to yourself around the contact and chafe points of the saddle or, if you prefer, mirror these points on the chamois. If you find that one or the other isn't enough, don't be afraid to apply the chamois cream to both chamois and yourself. How much is up to you... the more you apply the less likely to get sore, but don't go mad!

We would recommend applying a modest amount of Aussie Butt Cream to the person or chamois before riding and reapply, should the ride be a duration of four hours or longer.


Due to the thick consistency of some chamois creams, it's imperative you wash it off properly in the shower post ride to ensure your skin can breathe.

Whilst Aussie Butt Cream does not fall into this thick cream category, the same rules of hygiene apply.


Finally ensure you don't mix your chamois cream up with your leg embrocation warm up cream rubs. You may laugh, but it has happened to many a cyclist over the years and still does today. If you start to feel a fiery feeling down under, get home quick, unless you are lucky enough to be riding past a fire station.


Whilst a good nuts joke still goes a long way, saddle sores are no laughing matter. Preventative measures and the appropriate chamois cream should help prevent any nasties from developing and support long comfortable hours in the saddle.

Aussie Butt Cream for comfort down under is our recommended choice. Long regarded as the best value authentic product available on the market.



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