Après Vélo is the greatest cycling-inspired emporium you’ll find anywhere in the world from Alice Springs to Zanzibar. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be even better. So we encourage and thank you for your ongoing feedback!

Tera, California

OMG!!!!!! My T-shirt was delivered and can't even begin to tell you how much I love it. I can't believe the quality of the shirt and how vibrant the colours are. I'm going to order the white one. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Keis, East Sussex

I'm sure you don't get much feedback but I will just have to say that your t - shirts are awesome, very very happy indeed. The dog tag is also a great touch. Well done all!!

Craig, Ontario

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I received my shirt the other day and I absolutely love it. It exceeded all of my expectations in quality, comfort and overall coolness. I don’t even want to throw out the tags that came attached. Thanks again for your help with the order and I hope to do business with you again soon.

Fiona, Victoria

I have to tell you I have enjoyed my experience when I placed my order. The progress emails are hysterical please don't stop these they were very well received. The 2 products I ordered and received are outstanding, thank you.

Darryl, Queensland

My meticulously crafted Work -of-Art arrived by speedy courier today.

I have already paraded it at lunch to the accompaniment of admiring glances and sighs of envy.

Your work is appreciated.

Cycle on

Wayne, New South Wales

Hey Team

Received my gear today. Awesome delivery time. Amazing :-). Everything is a great fit. Over the moon.... Thank You

Great job.

Margaret, Greece

Hello there! I would like to thank you for the top quality of the t-shirt I just bought from you! I really loved the email you sent me, the packaging and of course great the Apres Velo t-shirt (Alpe d'Huez). Keep up the good work!

Anna, Tokyo

I received my T-shirts and gears yesterday, 19th August. I really, really love them!

They are absolutely cool and comfort, high quality, very nice shapes indeed!

I will recommend Après Vélo to all of my friends, and I will order again soon!

Hal, New South Wales

My wife's new jacket arrived today and she LOVES it. Thank you once again for your responsive and friendly service. I've just ordered the "Bicycle Brethren" jacket for myself!!

Claudia, New South Wales


Thanks for the chuckle and for the jumper. I wore it last night and IT ROCKS. It has improved my life out of sight already. I can't even imagine what good fortune may befall me today should I choose to wear it again.

Rachel, Victoria

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your super fast delivery of my order today! I only ordered yesterday after calling your office to confirm delivery times, (as I needed the order for a Birthday pressie before the weekend) and was provided with exceptional customer service.

Janpeter, Munich

Dear cycling nuts - Just wanted to provide some feedback on your measurements / fit Charts. To put it in a nut Shell: Awesome!! My Girl and I can't wait for spring to come to take our black and white True Religion jerseys out on the road! ;)

Kelly, Western Australia

Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you very much for the goodies in my parcel, after the socks and one of the t shirts were unavailable. It brought a massive smile to my face, and I am very grateful. Your customer service is second to none, and I have been talking it up at my cycle club for everyone to check the website out and how awesome the service is.

Loyal customer!!! And loving the cycling nuts clothing!!!

Barry, Victoria

I wanted to let you know that your customer service has been exemplary. Most online stores wouldn't bother responding when a customer reports a problem with their site. You kept me informed of its resolution.
Also, when I forgot to insert a promo code on my order, I emailed a request for you to insert it for me. Karen responded that she had added the promo code, which resulted in my receiving a free t shirt with my order.

Great customer service.

Graham, Wiltshire

Hi I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015.

I recently ordered a single T shirt in the sale taking advantage of the free P&P offer.

Not only did the item arrive very quickly considering I am in the UK but also I am very happy with the quality of your products.

Outstanding service and quality of product thank you very much.

Products look great and I particularly love the packaging!

Andrew, New South Wales

Stylish, comfortable and beautifully made. The best quality kit I ride in bar none.

Jillian, Queensland

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for my order - received today. I have three adult sons and two young grandsons who are all really into cycling and I have only recently found your site.

JUST THE BEST! I will be ordering lots more gear from you. Excellent quality and great service.

The merino jumper will be on its way to UK with us in May and will be greatly appreciated by my son for his birthday.

Mike, Orange County

My recent order had met with terrible mishaps. But thanks to the excellent service which matches the excellent product, all was fixed. But I would be amiss not to write as to WHO was responsible for a great experience despite the problems. Karen Kady was so on top of it all and found resolution. She was awesome. Thanks so much.

Ian, Western Australia

As a PhD in Finance who has taught much of my life in a Master of Business Administration courses may I congratulate you on your brilliant order dispatch email? May I suggest that variations on your format be incorporated in all management courses?

May your stomach be rewarded with carb-rich food on your table and may you continue to indulge in caffeine vices but not to the detriment of your desirable figure.

Chris, Queensland

To the Magnificent Crew.

A bow-tied bundle of thanks. Mainly to whoever it was that decided to get your Crank n' Camo kit made in Italy. I've been using my kit for a while now, and it not only looks great but it performs better than I'd hoped. I've had some of your previous kits that performed ok, but weren't anything great. Changing manufacturer has been a brilliant move. Feel, fit, shaping, material, material for location on garment, chamois, everything about the knicks and jersey is a significant step up in quality.
I know you probably made that decision well over a year ago, but I'm letting you know now it was a good move. I hope it continues to be a good fit for your business.

Gus, USA

Hello There, been flirting with HERITAGE WOOL POLO, size M, for the longest time. It's single-handedly one of the most attractive stuff you have on the site. But it seems size M is also very popular, as you're always out of stock for that size. When are you replenishing that size? I'd love that jersey.

Gavin, Queensland

Sporty Jacket 2. Perfect fit, very happy. Being a cyclist wearing Après Vélo attire adds meaning & substance to ones persona. It represents what we are in a fashionable & authentic manner.

Tracey, Victoria

Great email guys!

Totally made my day!

Look forward to buying more of your wonderful products just so I can get another email like this one..... And so I can have more cycling related goodies too, of course!
Happy riding....

Sally, Adelaide

Thanks guys so much for your awesome service, despite all your misfortune last week, my shirts still arrived on Christmas Eve in Adelaide! Your email after the storm was much appreciated and written with a great sense of humour, how could I possibly cancel my order?

May you all be pedalling happily during the Christmas break & we wish you every success re-establishing yourselves in the New Year.

As a first time customer you can be sure I will be making many return visits.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Day.

John, California

Hey Big Cog,

You must be the man. Well done with the company and all. I don't do the social media thing, being that I'm 63 and I don't give a shit what others are doing, thinking, eating, or wearing at any given moment. I will be showing off your great stuff, though, to my cycling buds; all of which have beaucoup disposable income. Expect more purchases from Davis, CA and not just from this very satisfied customer.

Keep up the great work.

Susan, Virginia

My Sufferlandria Team Cycling jacket just arrived! I LOVE it!!!! It is SO well made (no surprise:) and I am so proud just to have earned the right to wear it, and join the 'Big Boys and Girls' of Sufferlandria:) Thank YOU!

David, Queensland

Oh my gosh you made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants with your email. Keep up the great and also humorous work you do!

Michael, Washington

Ok, you guys have a great sense of humour. I'm excited about my purchase, I'm thinking it may very well be your quirkiness that will bring me back time and again.

Hugues, Québec

That's the first time i was buying from you. Wow, what an experience! A great quality of t-shirt, top notch packing and fast shipping....what can i ask for more. For sure i will buy in the future at Après Vélo...

Cath, California

Hello there,

Guess what I have on my body this very moment.

I LOVE my new Après Vélo Cycle Culture beaded top!

The post office tried to deliver it yesterday, but, alas, I was not home.

I went to the post office this a.m. and learned that I had to sign for it because it was registered.

Wow! It came all the way from Hong Kong. No wonder it took so long. I thought it was coming from Australia.

And I like your packaging, too. Very classy.

Did I tell you I LOVE my new Après Vélo Cycle Culture beaded top?

Thanks so much for ALL your kind attention.

Hugs from across the Pacific.

Kerry, New South Wales

I wear the kit whenever I am not doing a club ride.

I think it is fantastic. Really comfortable in all areas. Another bike rider commented the other day on how good it looked and I was so comfortable in the kit I must admit, I had to look to see what I was wearing. A good cycle kit should feel invisible on your body so you can just concentrate on the bike.

Carol, Maui

Greetings from Maui, Hawaii!! I have relocated to Maui, Hawaii (from southern California). The island of Maui is so in need of a cycling store. Is there any chance of you opening a store in Maui Hawaii? Please, please, please say yes!!! So love your clothes!! The quality and styles are brilliant - wearing your clothes makes my riding so much more enjoyable. Plus I receive so many compliments on them. Customer for life!!!! Thanks for your great products!!!!

Anthony, New South Wales

LG! Mate you are too kind! You guys are saving my Christmas, had 3 members of our cast in the departure lounge putting in their orders through me! Après Vélo has saved Christmas!. Love the gear mate, we are back now, tour finally finished, hope all good for you Leonard, take care mate

Katheryn, Queensland

I’ve purchased a couple of items from Après Vélo and I love the packaging in comes in. It’s beautiful in a funky cycling kinda way!

The whole online purchase experience was super easy.

Have a great day x

Paul, Queensland

I appreciate the level of urgency that you have gone to make the customer (me in this case) feel thought about.

Being in the hospitality industry service plays a large role in my life and it is great to see this type of urgency.

"Is there anything else you can do for me"...just think of me when I next place an order :)

Jamie, New South Wales

Dear Big Cog and the Après Vélo Team,

That is the single best email I have ever received! Thank you for your customer focus and refreshing humour around a seemingly (but apparently not) mundane task of buying a tee shirt!!

I will wear it with pride.

Sincerely and in stitches....

Nicholas, Leicestershire

Not really an enquiry, more of a "Chapaeu" for you kit, your website and the general cool that exudes from it. Will be returning regularly. FAIR PLAY!

Guy, Victoria

I just want to say what great service we received from you and Après Vélo and thank you very much for caring about us and the outcome and that there was a present for my kids to give to me on Fathers Day.

When I called and explained what had happened, your reaction to get me a T-shirt rather than worry us with why we had not received the original shirt due to Australia Posts incompetence was refreshing and totally customer focused.

I was extremely surprised when on Sunday I opened the present to find not only the T-shirt, plus a cap (which my son loves) and a wrist band. Thank you for an unexpected surprise.

I work in service related industry and the way you dealt with my situation was very pleasing and made me feel special because you made sure I received what I had ordered, whereas many companies would look to lay blame at someone else. You are a credit to the Apres Velo team.

I have shared this story with all my cycling and non cycling friends as I believe it’s a great example of true customer service.

Michelle, Queensland

Hi, love your work and the quality of the t-shirts. Have you ever thought about a range for the bike widows / support crew?

Susanna, New South Wales

Thanks so much for the two winter tops you sent my daughter and I, c/o your Easter Sale!

Beautiful quality, special little features, expertly stitched together...and of course unique bicycle graphics as the cherry on the clothing cupcake.

Charlotte, South Australia

Hi - Just gave my husband his birthday present and he loved it.
The packaging was amazing and the email you sent on dispatch was novel and a lovely touch and brought a different dimension to shopping.
A big thank you to all the team.

Cheryl, West Yorkshire

Well I have to say I'm blown away by your response to this. I would happily have sent it back to you. I buy a lot of stuff from you as I love your products and general philosophy. This just underlines for me what a great company you are, Kudos.

Brian, Kelowna

The Shirts Arrived a few days ago and they are the best ever have worn them to work and received a lot of positive comments. Most wanted to know where to get one for themselves or a friend - hope they contact the web site or you

Claire, Ontario

I AM CRAZY about your site! Can't wait to get the clothes! I crack up laughing reading (even the silliness about packaging below) your copy. Too funny. The clothing is EXACTLY the stuff I love and want to live in. I filled out the "affiliate" application and hope you've considered it. I think I might be able to attract a few folks to your awesome gear.

Linda, New South Wales

Loved the notice of dispatch and loved the tee shirt when it arrived. Just such soft fabric – so nice to wear and so good looking.

I shall be a happy client again.

Rod, Australia

I haven't received the gear as yet but I love it already. Anyone who can send an email like the one you sent must be worth buying gear from. Must be good coffee that you’re drinking, all my friends have had a good laugh. I await in eager anticipation for the arrival of the heavenly goods delivered from the packing temple by seven chaste "velostitutes". I will wear them proudly as I inhale the aroma from the seven essential oils in the hope they take me to another place of comfort and serenity and endless double shot lattes, always my "drug of choice". I will be at one with myself and the envy of my friends who will "wheeley worship" me.

Dwayne, Ottawa

You are clearly erudite people of great learning, whose eloquence is matched only by your verbosity.

Many thanks for sending those fine garment to adorn our mortal coils.