Mallorca on and off the bike - the best of both worlds

Mallorca on and off the bike - the best of both worlds

Mallorca is an island holiday paradise for cycling and adventure.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean.
Mallorca is possibly the greatest destination in the world for road cyclists, and is fast becoming the holiday destination of choice for tourists and cyclists around the world.
The reason for this popularity is that Mallorca has all the ingredients for a dream-like holiday both on and off the bike.

It's for this very reason that our Tour of Mallorca is NOT JUST ABOUT THE BIKE.

Whilst our daily rides will certainly be awe inspiring, diverse and memorable, the journey throughout Mallorca will continue long after the wheels stop spinning.



From our 15th Century Spanish castle villa, which will be our home for the week, we have easy accessibility to all our rides and places of interest - a great advantage of being based in one location throughout the tour.


We understand the difficulties often associated with cyclists embarking upon a tour but not knowing how best to accommodate their non riding partners in an equally inspiring way, especially when a cycling tour is often part of a longer holiday in Europe. That's why we have been motivated to design a tour that not only caters for, but supercharges the senses of non riding partners whom we encourage to come along and experience the holiday of a lifetime.

Riders and non-riding partners share all breakfasts, dinners and long lunch experiences, making it an inclusive and shared experience for all.

You have the opportunity to be involved in both the cycling program, and if you so choose, have a day or two off the bike, joining our non-riding partner program (view here).

Experience the best of both worlds to make the most of your Mallorca holiday.

JOIN US FOR THE HOLIDAY OF A LIFETIME on the Après Vélo Cycle Tour of Mallorca.


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