What makes a Stylish Cyclist?

What makes a Stylish Cyclist?

Style on the bike is very different from style off the bike.

Many cyclists possess a unique style which not only got them to the finish line, but way beyond.

Cycling’s fixation with fashion and style dates back years to when the men who dominated the peloton rode hard whilst oozing style and a nonchalant charm. Legs tanned and shaved, with replacement tube over their shoulder and cigarette in mouth. It was the kind of panache that many cyclists today revere.

In relation to sophistication and style, cycling has entered the golden age of functionality and fashion. Kit colours, sock height, casual cycling attire, all of it factoring into living the ride, with style and purpose.



Fausto Coppi possessed the sophistication and glamour of a film star. Coppi oozed style.
This is how the 1930 and 1932 Tour de France winner, André Leducq described Coppi :
“He seems to caress rather than grip the handlebars, while his torso appears fixed to the saddle. His long legs extend to the pedals with the joints of a gazelle. At the end of each pedal stroke his ankle flexes gracefully. It’s as if all the moving parts turn in oil. His long face appears like the blade of a knife as he climbs without apparent effort. He rides like a great artist painting a watercolour.”
Now that’s style.

HUGO KOBLET, the Pédaleur de Charme

Koblet was a Swiss cycling champion, and in 1950, became the first non-Italian to win the Giro D’Italia. His bragging and flamboyance on the bike was well documented, having, on more than one occasion, produced a comb and cologne bottle from his back pocket after riding an entire day — all to look perfect for the press and his fans.



As a rider, he was synonymous with a particularly Italian brand of flamboyance that saw him making headlines and courting controversy throughout his career. He is known as one of cyclings most stylish alumni and earned the nickname, The Lion, from the mane of hair he so proudly wore. Smoking in the peloton and rocking skin suits few would dare, are moments Cipollini will always be remembered fondly for.
He will not only be remembered for his 191 professional career wins, but his attitudinal swagger and impeccable, yet sometimes outlandish style.


Rarely does a sports star convey the personality or individualism that cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins does. The 2012 Olympic gold medallist and first Brit to win Le Tour de France is almost as famous for his long sideburns and rock-like style, as his phenomenal sporting achievements.
Off the bike, Wiggins is partial to the dress and ethos of the Mod culture from 1960's Britain. His suits fit trim and he has a bold look, embellished by his close connections to Fred Perry and Sir Paul Smith.
He manages to bring together all of these traits and create a style which has a distinct point of difference, and different is cool, making Bradley a modern day icon of men’s style.



Après Vélo offers distinctly stylish fashion and lifestyle products with a twist. We are all about living your passion for cycling with an individual sense of fashion and style.

Cycling is not only a gloriously universal sport which embraces people of all ages, incomes and waist sizes, it is also a lifestyle and an expression of ones individuality.

There is a great choice of apparel out there but it’s always good to make sure you have a sense of cohesion and individuality to suit your personality. That doesn’t mean you have to wear all matching colours - far from it. You can mix it up a bit, so long as there is some elegance and style to it, with a sense of synergy uniting the whole look.

Whilst some of our collections are designed with a twist, a sense of fun, either overtly or through subtle design features, other collections are timeless classics inspired by the bike and our great sport of cycling.

The Après Vélo ranges have been designed for people wishing to uniquely express their passion for cycling. Its about being an individual. We are not about conformity, nor being part of an elite group.

So what does make a stylish cyclist?

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