Distinctly Stylish with a Twist


In 1817, a dapper young man wearing a top hat and tails was seen riding along a highway in southern Germany on a two-wheeled wooden vehicle. His name was Karl von Drais, a brilliant young industrial designer, and the machine was the velocipede or pedal-less bicycle, which he had just invented.

Ever since, cycling has attracted its share of free thinkers and nonconformists – the unconventionally stylish looking to express their cycling DNA through what they wear and how they live.

And so, with a doff of a cap to von Drais, Après Vélo was born, a premium cycling emporium from Sydney, Australia, carrying on that proud tradition of two-wheeled fashion, fun and flair.

Après Vélo offers cycling inspired fashion and lifestyle products that are distinctly stylish, but with a twist - a love of the slightly absurd.

If you’d like to live your passion for cycling with an individual sense of style and humour, then welcome to our tribe of like-minded souls. We don’t take ourselves too seriously – we share a zest for fun, freedom, fashion and friendships. It’s that harmonious obsessiveness which makes us a little different.

We like to think Karl von Drais would approve.



Cycling and style have always gone hand in hand.

In the 1820s, it was the dashing young aristocrats of London and Paris who first embraced the dangerous pastime of bike-riding – back when bikes had no pedals, brakes or steering. Because these free thinkers were always sharply dressed in the latest styles, the bike became known as the “dandy horse”.

Today, Après Vélo carries on that proud tradition of two-wheeled fashion, fun and flair.

Aprés Vèlo was created by Leonard Greis, cycling tragic and purveyor of fine clothing, having spent over 3 decades in the fashion industry.

Whilst choice is aplenty, Après Vélo is different. Here you’ll find beautiful, cycling-inspired apparel created and serviced without compromise. Premium fabrics, unique printing techniques and vintage washes. Artwork and design that’s steeped in cycling’s proud heritage, but with a hint of the absurd….that’s the ‘twist’.


Après Vélo is about living ones passion for cycling with an individual sense of fashion and style. We are about connecting people through a shared passion, whilst maintaining that sense of individuality.

There is a great choice of clothing out there, but its important to make sure you have a sense of cohesion to your unique personality and to maintain a certain synergy. We hope our ranges inspire you to mix it up a bit, as long as there is some style uniting your whole look.